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Terms and Conditions

A non-refundable processing fee of $75 will be assessed all applicants. RSR, C.A.R., NAR, and MLS membership dues are non-refundable. Only C.A.R and NAR fees are transferrable in the event of switching Associations after joining RSR.

I agree to abide by the bylaws, policies and rules of the Rancho Southeast REALTORS®, California Association of REALTORS®, and National Association of REALTORS®.
I understand that the professional designation REALTOR® is a federally registered trademark of the National Association of REALTORS ® (N.A.R.) and use of these designations are subject to N.A.R. rules and regulations. I agree that I cannot use this professional designation until this application is approved, I further agree that should I cease to be a REALTOR® I will discontinue use of the term REALTOR®.
I authorize Rancho Southeast REALTORS® or it’s representatives to verify any information provided by me in this application by any method including contacting the California Department of Real Estate, my current or past responsible Designated REALTOR®, or any Association or MLS where I held, or continue to hold, any type of membership. I further authorize any Association or MLS where I held, or continue to hold, any type of membership to release all my membership or disciplinary records to this Association, including information regarding; (i) all final findings of code of ethics violations or other membership duties within the past three years, (ii) pending ethics complaints or hearings, (iii) unsatisfied discipline pending, (iv) pending arbitration requests or hearings, and (v) unpaid arbitration awards or unpaid financial obligations. I understand that any information gathered under this authorization may be used in evaluating my application for membership and future disciplinary sanctions. I waive any legal claim or cause of action against RSR, its agents, employees or members including, but not limited to slander, libel or defamation of character, that may arise from any action taken to verify, evaluate or process this application or other use of the information authorized and released hereunder.
o Applicants who are sole proprietors, general partners, corporate officers, or branch office managers of a real estate firm shall certify: (1) they have no record of official sanctions rendered by the courts or other lawful authorities within the past three years for violations of (i) civil rights laws, (ii) real estate laws, or (iii) any felony or crime of moral turpitude, and (2) that they have not been suspended or expelled from an Association in the past three years for violations of the N.A.R. Code of Ethics. (2/22/07)

MLS Participation Agreement/Rules Acknowledgment
I understand and agree that by becoming a broker participant or subscriber to the MLS, I agree to abide by the MLS Rules & Regulations, including but not limited to the following:

  1. I agree not to use the MLS data for any purpose other than to market property or support market valuations or appraisals as specifically set forth in the rules.
  2. I agree not to reproduce any portion of the active listings except as provided in the MLS rules.
  3. I agree not to download MLS data except as provided in the MLS rules.
  4. I agree not to allow anyone other than authorized participants, their subscribers and the clerical users as defined in the MLS rules to access any computer receiving MLS information. I agree not to transmit the information to any participants, subscribers and clerical users not authorized to access the system by the rules. I agree not to use MLS the to create another product except as may be used by the participate who downloaded the data in compliance with the MLS rules.
  5. I agree I will not give or sell my password to any person nor make it available to any person. I further understand that the California Penal Code and the United States Code prohibits unauthorized access to computer data bases. I agree not to allow such unauthorized access by use of either any of my equipment or pass codes.
  6. I understand that clerical users may be authorized to have limited access to the MLS for clerical support only. I understand that clerical users are not allowed to use the information in any way other than to provide such information to me. Persons performing any activities that require a real estate license are not eligible for this clerical user classification. I further understand that any violation by a clerical user employed by me, under contract with me or used by me is my responsibility and can result in discipline and ultimate termination of MLS services.
  7. The security of many homeowners in the area depends on the security of the lockbox system. I will not lend or make available my lockbox key to any person, even if an authorized MLS user. I further understand that the Association can incur costs in securing the system if I fail to take adequate measures to protect my key and lockbox and that I may be held responsible for these costs. Indemnification: Cardholder agrees to indemnify and hold the Rancho Southeast REALTORS® and all of its respective officers, directors and employees harmless from any and all liability, obligations, or demands against them as a result of cardholder’s loss or use of the card, including but not limited to, any and all liabilities, including attorney’s fees, incurred by them as a result of damage or injury to premises or persons arising out of use by cardholder, or any other person, of the card.
  8. I understand and agree that the above statements are in addition to the MLS rules, to which I have also agreed. Violation of any MLS rule may result in discipline, fine and ultimate termination of the service. In addition to that, my actions may cause damage to RSR which owns the MLS and RSR may pursue its legal remedies against me to recover such damages.

  9. Arbitration Agreement
    A condition of membership in the Association as a REALTOR® and participation in the MLS is that you agree to binding arbitration of disputes. As a REALTOR® (including Designated REALTOR®), you agree for yourself and the corporation or firm for which you act as a partner, officer, principal or branch office manager to binding arbitration of disputes with: (i) other REALTOR® members of this Association;
    (ii) with any member of the California or National Association of REALTORS®; and (iii) any client provided the client agrees to binding information at the Association. As an MLS Participate or MLS Subscriber, you agree for yourself and the corporation or firm for which you act as a partner, officer principle or branch office manager to binding arbitration of disputes with: (i) other MLS participates and subscribers; or (ii) any other MLS Participant or MLS Subscriber of another Board/Association’s MLS which shares a common database with Rancho Southeast’s MLS through a Regional Agreement. Any arbitration under this agreement shall be conducted using Rancho Southeast facilities and in accordance with Rancho Southeast rules and procedures for arbitration.

    NAR Code of Ethics and New REALTOR® Orientation
    Applicants for REALTOR® membership and provisional REALTOR® members (where applicable) shall complete an orientation program on the Code of Ethics, meeting the minimum criteria established by NAR for new member ethics training. This requirement does not apply to applicants for REALTOR® membership or provisional members who have completed comparable orientation in another Association. Failure to satisfy this requirement will result in denial of the membership application or termination of provisional membership (RSR Bylaws).

    You will be scheduled to attend our next available Orientation session. Our Member Services Department will contact you with the date.

    Contact Acknowledgement
    By joining RSR, you agree and authorize RSR, affiliate members and its affiliated REALTOR® organizations, representatives, and/or affinity partners to contact you to advertise the availability of, or quality of, any property, goods or services offered, endorsed or promoted by the Association, via the contact information you have provided on this application. RSR uses email as the best means of communicating with our members for issues regarding membership (including renewals and delinquent payments), Supra key service, and the MLS. Your privacy is very important to us. RSR does NOT sell, lease, share or disclose your contact information for any purpose other than set forth in this Acknowledgment.

By clicking submit below you have authorized Rancho Southeast REALTORS® to charge the above amount on your credit card and agree to the terms and conditions below.